Jobs Ability

Jobs Ability Profile Tips

  • Make a goal & a plan! Set a start and end date for completing your profile.
  • Dedicate time in your schedule to working on your profile.
  • Break up profile tasks into manageable chunks for each session.

Example Plan *Remember you can customize based on what works for you!


Sign up! Complete the sections for Contact Information, Location, Job Coach, Ideal Job, Education History, Employment History, Certificates/Achievements, Accommodations, and 1 or 2 Skills categories.  

*Remember to include any volunteer experience in your Employment History.  


Complete the Skills categories. You may need to dedicate more than one session to completing the Skills section depending on how much time you reserve in your schedule. 


Training Module – This should be broken into separate sessions for each section. There is one video and corresponding questions for each tab in the training module 

Your profile is complete!

View the recommended job posts and assess using the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. Select the star icon to save your favorite job posts. Apply to posts that interest you. Be open to new opportunities.  

It is up to you to follow up. Keep persevering!!