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Jobs Ability

Jobs Ability is the Premier Artificial Intelligence-driven system that matches people with disabilities’ skills to jobs.

In 2021, Our Ability launched Jobs Ability. Jobs Ability matches people with disabilities skills to jobs in your community, in real time! Our system uses an accessible chat bot – ‘Abi’ – who will lead you through the experience of identifying your ideal job, education, work history and most importantly your capabilities/skills.

Our Ability built our original portal Connect in 2011 as a solution for individuals with disabilities to build an employment profile and matching them with potential jobs.

In 2013, we built a public jobs board where business partners would have jobs automatically posted and candidates in the profile system could seek opportunities.

In 2019, we started our conversation with Syracuse University in regard to utilizing artificial intelligence to build a better pathway into a profile system, identifying skills as well as matching those skills with existing jobs. Originally, we worked with IBM Watson. At the suggestion of Syracuse University and the Microsoft AI for Good program we migrated to Microsoft Azure. From February 28th, 2020, to December 1st, 2020, we developed our new system implementing our public chat bot, our private chat bot and cognitive services to identify skills and matching these skills with existing jobs. We completely replaced our old portal with our new portal Jobs Ability. We are working with existing regional partners in the United States and Canada to present this portal to both business members as well as individuals with disabilities.

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