Become a leader in disability inclusion

The Benefits

As an organization, you understand the power of inclusion and the return on investment when you hire skilled people who have a disability.

When customers, clients, and employees see themselves reflected in your business, and feel valued as an employee or customer of your business, you are creating a culture of inclusion. That leads to numerous business benefits.

We build relationships through Jobs Ability portal with businesses interested in employment. Directly, we work with hiring managers and disability advocacy organizations in each community around the country to build bridges towards employment. Our network of agencies around the country provide potential of thousands of candidates to our business members. .

Eliminate unintended barriers found on typical online recruitment platforms. Recruit and hire talented candidates from the only platform in the United States built by, and for people who have a disability.

How does Jobs Ability work?

Using this exclusive platform, employers can connect with job seekers who have a disability that have the passion, skills, and qualifications to fill their vacancies.

The Job Posting Process

Whether you are a large or multi-national corporation in the United States, posting your job vacancies on Jobs Ability is easy.

When you subscribe with Jobs Ability, we will ask for a link to your “Careers” site.
Job postings on your website will be “harvested” daily by the Jobs Ability technology.
Job postings are “searchable” for job seekers who visit the Jobs Abilitywebsite.
For job seekers who are registered with Jobs Ability, job postings will be matched to job seeker profiles, potentially creating a direct employment match.
If you do not have a careers website page, you can upload your individual job postings using the “Employer” portal page.

How to Connect with Job Seekers

Accessibility to employment opportunities is important to us.
Job Seekers who have a disability can use the platform regardless of whether or not they have a profile. However, if a job seeker creates a profile you can communicate directly with them.
Here is how:

Search for candidates based on:
          • geographical location,
          • education,
          • industry or sector experience,
          • skills and competencies.

You will receive notifications when a match is found between a job seeker and your job posting(s).
Once you have found a match, connect directly with a job seeker through the Jobs Ability platform.

Our Ability Jobs Board

Recruit and hire talented candidates from the only platform in the United States built by, and for people who have a disability.